Admission to the Master’s programme takes place at the beginning of each winter semester.

Requirements for admission

  • ​​Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) or an equivalent university qualification in the field Biochemistry or Biology of at least three years’ duration as well as a special professional qualification
  • Final grade of Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry: 1.9 or higher (based on the German university grading system). Applicants holding a degree in another field of study or with a final grade of worse than 1.9 but at least 2.3, which otherwise fulfill the application criteria, can be admitted if the application documents show a special qualification.
  • Proof of a minimum of 60 credit points in total in the subjects Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology and other molecular subjects
  • Good English language skills. These are mandatory but do not have to be proven. In order to be able to follow the lectures and courses, language proficiency should correspond to at least level B2 according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages (recommendation only).

Application documents

  • Signed form ‘Application for admission’ (→ will be automatically generated at the end of the online application process)
  • Bachelor diploma (if already available at the time of application) and corresponding transcript of records (with at least 120 ECTS). In case of foreign Bachelor degrees, a proof of the University’s grading system needs to provided, additionally.
  • Letter of motivation, in which you state your intention to pursue studies in the selected field at the University of Jena
  • Detailed curriculum vitae, including complete contact information, educational background and professional experience and, if applicable, academic achievements (scientific works, publications, research experience, research or study visits abroad)
  • School-leaving certificate
  • Optional: proof of relevant professional experience (e.g. Biology lab technician, industry experience)
  • Optional: proof of English language proficiency

For international students, additional special requirements may sometimes apply. Please see the websites of the Master Service CentreExterner Link and the International OfficeExterner Link.

The University of Jena accepts only applications submitted via the Master Online Application SystemExterner Link. The form ‘Application for admission’, which is automatically generated at the end of the online-application process, is required solely as original paper copy and must be sent signed to the Master Service Centre.


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Further information on the application documents and procedure can be found hereExterner Link.