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  1. The colours of the marine bacterium Marinobacter alginolytica are due to ordered bacterial cells  forming a photonic crystal, producing colour by interference effects.
    Picture: Colin Ingham
  2. Prof. Dr Kirsten Küsel.
    Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
  3. Models suggest that the Atlantic Cod may have a high risk of extinction as water temperatures increase.
    Image: Wilhelm Thomas Fiege, CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons
  4. Piotr Rozwalak has analysed prehistoric stool samples for phage genomes.
    Image: Adrian Wykrota
  5. Nature photographers worldwide are sharing their biodiversity observations on social media – a huge potential also for biodiversity research.
    Image: Sultan Ahmed
  6. Rock cores used for the investigation.
    Image: Robert Lehmann
  7. The movements of this beetle (Carabus coriaceus) have been tracked with the help of a RFID tag.
    Image: Stefan Bernhardt/iDiv
  8. Scientists of iDiv use the Leipzig Canopy Crane to investigate the hidden habitat in the treetops.
    Image: Steffen Schellhorn
  9. Bacteria cultures in Petri dishes.
    Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
  10. Collective honey foraging by two teenage boys. Here they use a technique in which they smoke the bee hives to avoid getting stung.
    Image: Bryndan van Pinxteren
  11. Prof. Bas E. Dutilh
    Image: privat
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