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Balance of the Microverse letters
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Welcome to the VEO website

We are the Viral Ecology and Omics (VEO) Group - a multi-disciplinary and international group of scientists, and part of the Cluster of Excellence "Balance of the Microverse"External link at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.

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The Viral Ecology and Omics Group aims to study the role of viruses in the Microverse. To do this, we combine high-throughput microbiological and eco/evolutionaryexperiments with molecular biology, microscopy, (meta ) genomics, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and computational modelling. Here are the positions, we are currently offering.
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A German-Dutch research team redefines microbial niches and presents its approach in the journal "Nature Ecology and Evolution"
This figure shows the first “Map of the Microverse”, consisting of 22.5 thousand microbial datasets from 140 different types of environments. We identified generalist and specialist bacteria by analysing their distribution across these 22.5 thousand datasets.
Image: Von Meijenfeldt et al., Nature Ecology and Evolution 2023
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In autum 2022, development work began on the site for the new microverse building in Rosalind Franklin Street, which is scheduled to be ready for occupancy at the end of 2024.
Construction site in March, 2023
Image: Sybille Huck (VEO group)
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The Balance of the Microverse community celebrated a well-prepared and well-attended opening in the laboratory premises at Rosalind Franklin Street 2.
Image: Angela Köhler (Microverse Cluster)
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The symposium will kick off with the guest speakers sharing their pioneering research, offering invaluable insights into their areas of expertise. This will be followed by a stimulating roundtable discussion, giving both the speakers and the audience a platform to exchange ideas and perspectives on plant-microbial research.
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Jena Science Centre: How is the world-class research cluster going??
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