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Colloquium EES

The EES colloquium takes place every year in the winter semester. External guests are invited to provide insights into current research in the field of evolution, ecology and biodiversity.
Lecture hall
Image: Anne Günther/FSU

Master Evolution, Ecology and Systematics

WS 2022/23

The colloquium is part of the MEES T1 module (students please register via Friedolin). To get the the credits, you need to attend 6 lectures.

The lectures take place fortnightly on Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m in the lecture hall Am Planetarium 1External link. All lectures will be given in English (unless otherwise noted).

Date Lecturer Title
02.11.2022 No colloquium  
16.11.2022 Patrick Roberts (Jena) From 'Green Deserts' to 'Forests of Plenty': An Emerging Archaeology of Tropical Forests
30.11.2022 Omer Nevo (iDiv) The ecology and evolution of fruit traits
14.12.2022 Jana Eccard (Potsdam) The timid invasion - Spatial behavioural sorting in an expanding rodent population
04.01.2023 Wolfgang Weisser (München) Urban Ecology
18.01.2023 Michael Staab (Darmstadt) Insects and their multi-trophic interactions in natural and experimental forests


Thierry Dutoit (Avignon)

Restoring ecosystems by the use of nature based solutions: a sustainable answer to global changes? A Mediterranean case study in Southern-France


Harald Pauli (Vienna)

The alpine life zone: Looking for plant refugia and extinction traps in the progressing Anthropocene