We look forward to welcoming you to study at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena!

Master Evolution, Ecology and Systematics

Our master’s programme Evolution, Ecology and Systematics is open to people with a Bachelor of Science degree who possess intellectual curiosity, stamina and creativity and who want to combine personal advancement with the advancement of science. In Jena, you will be able to study current teaching contents with a central focus on research and intensive personal care. From our range of courses put together your individual study program.

For those interested in Master Evolution, Ecology and Systematics, only a limited number of study places are available. Selection criteria are, in the given order, scientific achievement, professional and personal commitment, practical experience. An overview on the requirements is given below.

Further information can be obtained from the Master Service Center of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena; there you will find additional information on the Masters course Evolution, Ecology and Systematics. There you will also learn what you need for your application and whenever the application deadline.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Eligibility – or what we expect of you

The study program aims at students of all biological disciplines, but has a strong focus on organismic biology. Half of the study program is devoted to elective modules which allows individualised specialisations on specific research areas in zoology, botany, ecology, microbiology, populations genetics, evolution and biodiversity.

The other half of the study program comprises compulsory modules that all students have to take. Because of that, students should fulfil some minimum requirements for a successful application:

  • a basic training in zoology, botany and ecology
  • basic knowledge of concepts in evolution, biodiversity and genetics
  • experience with taxonomic species determination of animals and/or plants
  • experience with statistical data analysis, preferably with R

Regarding soft skills, we expect the following:

  • advanced use of English (writing, reading, speaking, listening)
  • experience with independent search and reading of primary literature
  • oral presentation skills