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Two major European research grants awarded to the University of Jena
Microbiologist Prof. Kai Papenfort.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
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Zoology professor Andreas Hejnol and international research team publish article in the renowned journal "Nature"
Pillidium larva of a marine cordworm (l.) and a larva of a marine brachiopod (r.).
Image: Jürgen Berger/MPI Tübingen
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Newly appointed Prof. Gianni Panagiotou researches microbiomes with bioinformatics methods
Gianni Panagiotou is Professor of "Microbiome Dynamics" since 6 January 2023.
Image: privat
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Jena researchers discover the mode of action of a bacterial toxin
PhD students Yu Hou (left) and Yuko Bando (right) discuss the calcium response of the algal cells, which is visible on the screen as a peak after administration of synthetic orfamide A.
Image: Anxhela Rredhi
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Two scientists from the University of Jena among the world's most cited researchers
Bioinformatician Prof. Dr Bas E. Dutilh.
Image: Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung/Elbmotion
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Research team discovers novel approach to treating certain B-cell lymphomas
PhD student Eva-Maria Piskor is co-author of the study. She is pipetting samples for the Western blot.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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Ecologist Prof. Holger Schielzeth receives teaching award from the University of Jena for exercise on evolutionary biology
Ecologist Prof. Dr Holger Schielzeth receives one of the 2022 teaching awards.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
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International research team uses micro-computed tomography to scan 20-million-year-old amber
Three-dimensional image of the previously unknown extinct ant species.
Picture: Hammel/Lauströer
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Groundbreaking ceremony for the new research building of the “Balance of the Microverse” Cluster of Excellence at the University of Jena
South of the Beutenberg Campus, the new "Microverse Center Jena" is being built.
Picture: hks | architekten
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How female twisted-wing parasites endure the trauma of mating
Stylops ovinae: One female protrudes from its host’s abdomen (left); an adult male (right).
Image: Hans Pohl/Universität Jena
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Effectiveness of biodiversity conservation in national parks is strongly associated with socioeconomic conditions
A ranger of the Saxon Switzerland National Park shows a forest area whith an illegal fireplace.
Image: Hanspeter Mayr, Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz, Deutschland
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Researchers discover microbes in pitch-dark aquifers as important primary producers
Dr Will Overholt and Prof. Kirsten Küsel during water analyses in the field.
Image: Beatrix Heinze