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Data published on social media platforms can improve knowledge about species distribution and inform conservation planning
Nature photographers worldwide are sharing their biodiversity observations on social media – a huge potential also for biodiversity research.
Image: Sultan Ahmed
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German Research Foundation to fund Research Unit for another four years
The Biodiversity Research Area "Jena Experiment" exists for 20 years and continues to receive funding.
Image: Matthias Ditscherlein
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Limestone serves as a repository of microbial genetic information
Rock cores used for the investigation.
Image: Robert Lehmann
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International research team shows how resistant starch could slow down progression of the metabolic disorder
Resistant starch may play an important role in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the future.
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International research team clarifies mode of action of cannabinoids in inflammatio
Cannabis is a traditional medicinal plant.
Image: Marco Körner (Universität Jena)
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How cortisone preparations work in the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory disease
PhD student Elena Brunner (l.) and Dr Markus Werner have investigated how cortisone effects inflammation.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
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Streptomyces bacteria produce a group of signalling molecules that trigger a variety of processe
An Aspergillus nidulans reporter strain that produces green fluorescent protein (GFP).
Image: Maira Rosin/Leibniz-HKI
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Habitat diversity can mitigate effects of climate change on insects
The movements of this beetle (Carabus coriaceus) have been tracked with the help of a RFID tag.
Image: Stefan Bernhardt/iDiv
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Chancellor, Minister of State, and Prime Ministers acknowledge the success of international biodiversity research in Central Germany
Scientists of iDiv use the Leipzig Canopy Crane to investigate the hidden habitat in the treetops.
Image: Steffen Schellhorn
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New study makes it possible to estimate the optimal migration speed of animals based on size
Elephants have to spend a lot of time cooling down their muscles, which lowers their speed.
Image: Bernd Adam
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A German-Dutch research team redefines microbial niches and presents its approach in the journal "Nature Ecology and Evolution"
Bacteria cultures in Petri dishes.
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
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Two major European research grants awarded to the University of Jena
Microbiologist Prof. Kai Papenfort.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)