Bioinformatics tools for viromics, metagenomics, and modelling


Welcome to the VEO Group's Bioinformatics homepage!
Bioinformatics tools for viromics, metagenomics, and modelling
Image: Swapnil Doijad

The VEO and MGX Groups are dedicated to exploring microorganisms and their relationship with each other and the environment.

We develop bioinformatic tools built on biological knowledge to unravel the evolution, dynamics, and functions of bacteria and bacteriophages within their ecosystems. We apply these tools to analyze the data produced in our wet lab, as well as in “big data mining” projects that take advantage of the work of colleagues around the world. Public databases are invaluable to expand our view of the Microverse beyond our lab. We are immensely grateful to the global research community for making their data available. Open science is foundational to our research, without it we would not be able to do what we do.

In-house, the VEO Group mirrors and updates state-of-the-art tools and databases, including MGnifyExternal link, IMG/VRExternal link, and BV-BRCExternal link. These resources are kept in the high-performance clusterExternal link of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. We develop and maintain pipelines for customized queries to easily explore this “big data”, some of which we publish on our GithubExternal link. We also support the experimental research of colleagues within and outside the Microverse Cluster with our bioinformatics expertise.

Please reach out, we look forward to discussing and studying the Microverse with you!

Find our tools on Github: ( link).