Prof. Nakagawa

Fakultätskolloquium am 26.9.2019

Veranstaltung im Hörsaal 3, Carl-Zeiß-Str. 3 um 16.15 Uhr
Prof. Nakagawa
Foto: Prof. Nakagawa
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Meldung vom: 13. September 2019, 16:40 Uhr

Datum: 26.9.2019

Vortragender:  Prof. Shinichi Nakagawa, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia

Ort: Hörsaal 3, Carl-Zeiß-Str. 3 um 16.15 Uhr

Titel: MARS on Life: the emerging field of synthesis biology

Zusammenfassung: Research synthesis, such as meta-analysis, has become an essential part of biological sciences. More recently, meta-research (research on research) has emerged as a new field. Meta-research uses research synthesis methods to acquire a bird’s eye view of a research topic, aiming to improve science by identifying and acting upon inefficiencies, gaps and biases in science. In this talk, I introduce my relevant work in the area of research synthesis and meta-research in biology (or synthesis biology). Importantly, I present my plan for the project named “Meta-Research And Research Synthesis on Life sciences” or MARS on Life for short. Via this project, I will coordinate synthesis work on 3 important biological fields: Biodiversity, Aging and Microbiology by establishing new collaborations across various research centres. Further, I discuss tangible ideas for events involved in MARS on Life such as hackathons, internships and visitor programmes, all of which should create and boost new research capabilities.

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